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This week most of my time was directed in completing my literature review and domain reflections 1-4. My stress levels and cubital tunnel syndrome reached a concerning  limit. As a result, I decided to take time off of work to ensure to better manage my self care and seek medical support. This was one of the greatest acts I have even done was take time to take care of myself and reprioitize myself. When I decided to go see a doctor, I knew that my job as compromising my wellbeing and I need to practice self care and place my education first. Dr. Sue mentions self care as a micro resistance and I began to seek out restorative practices such as FearlessYoga designed by Angel Kyodo Williams. 

Jen continues to be supportive and help me refine my knowledge of micro aggressions and exercise identifying the sub categories: micro assault, micro insult and micro invalidation when talking about my experiences and other Educators of color. Jen introduction Dr. Derald Wing Sue. Jen guided me to my first micro resistance resources as we, along with Gwen my capstone project is a toolkit to support Teachers of Color and White Allies. 

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