Gwen, my advisor and my mentor Jen expressed great enthusiasm for my project but raised concerns that it is was too broad for my capstone. For the purpose of my project, I needed to narrow my focus. I did not know what that meant and I toiled to understand what was too broad. Initially I was okay with the feedback but then my feelings dipped because I felt a deeply connected and inspired to the plan I laid out for my initial proposal.

My biggest feedback was decide who I wanted to focus mt project on Teachers or Students. It seems impossible to chose. Jen warned that the feedback would be crushing but I still Gwen can sense my dissatisfaction and is working with me to narrow my capstone. I tried to narrow my focus by carry out  action based research project approved by David Bosso. I thought my action plan based research was the solution. With this in mind, I sent my research proposal hoping that you received adequate progress to gain permission for my work.