I am so excited about my capstone project. I decided to look into my own sufferings as a teacher and other teachers of colors in education. I wanted to understand why I was so unhappy as a teacher but in love with teaching at the same time. I realized it was the school culture, microaggressions and racism that was making me feel the beginnings of burn out. This awareness felt like a bolt of lightning when I could label it. This project provided me the space look at a problem and come up with a solution. I doubt I would have felt this empowered outside of my Teacher Leader education.


I started to explore the historical context of education of Black people in America beginning in slavery, civil rights and now the black (teacher) lives matter movement. Simultaneously, I began to sketch the microaggressions my students faced. It felt so liberating! I never felt more feel to share my story fully. I never considered myself to have the ability to draw what I could see but I decided to move forward in capturing the images and experiences trapped in my mind on paper.


I began accesing teacher satisfaction through informal interviews with teachers. I also began journaling my experiences orally voice recording and in writing. I see a strong interconnectedness between aggressions and micro aggressions against student of color and myself because I see myself in them and them in me. In fact, many of my students call me Mommy. I understand that I am a cultural authority but yet I am not in a position of power. In an effort to resist I decided to look more closely at what ails me instead of running away.