Words from the Author:

I love poetry. It is like a visitor that lights up your home. She makes you look at your mess and clean it up. It allows  me to make lemonade out of lemons. I named poetry a she because the poems always reveal what is going on in my mind, and I am a Black women - phenomenally. I do not seem to have a choice in the matter. I feel like poems choose me and I agree to take it by the hand because it feels like their is enough room for me to breathe. I have the opportunity to say all thats on my mind. The words pour into my mind or out of my heart like a stream. I am always so happy when I get a poem to touch down. It is usually during those rare moments I take to sit with myself.  Once I write a poem down one that truly allows me to express myself, my joy, my pain, my laughter, my love for my family, friends whatever. I look at it like a freshly bloomed rose. I hope you enjoy these blossoms. May the words brush against your skin like a rose petal. May your senses be heightened and your mind enlightened the way I felt when I beheld my work of art - painted with words.  With Love. From Parris