Domain VII: Advocating for Student Learning and the Teaching Profession

The teacher leader understands how educational policy is made at the local, state, and national level as well as the roles of school leaders, boards of education, legislators, and other stakeholders in formulating those policies. The teacher leader uses this knowledge to advocate for student needs and for practices that support effective teaching and increase student learning, and serves as an individual of influence and respect within the school, community, and profession.

In my literature review I discuss the historical factors that have contributed to the current racial disparities within the educational system. The impact of slavery, segregation and integration have shaped our institutions’ today. To date, the school system is still failing both students and teachers of color. Our schools remain segregated and white supremacist attitudes are still prevalent. I know that supremacy is hard to digest  but the civil war in Charlottesville where a teacher and friend received hate mail is reminiscent of a past that is present. There is a post racial myth we have to disspell to truly improve the education system for all student white and non white. White students and Non White students are receiving a poor education when the contributions of Black people are not at the center American History. Furthermore, the mismatch in representation of teachers of color in the educational system to the student population is a disservice and is due to systematic institutional racism. I am empowered through learning of my history and sharing this collective experience with other  Educators has been uplifting. It says to us that racism is still a problem and it is harmful and driving teachers of color out of the profession - including myself. However, I think we are not powerless and we can learn so much from white allies and Black activist educators who see education and a tool for liberation.

I am currently improving my knowledge of local governance under the guidance of District 41 community members and officials.


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