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Domain VI: Improving Outreach and Collaboration with Families and Community

A teacher leader understands that families, cultures, and communities have a significant impact on educational processes and student learning. The teacher leader works with colleagues to promote ongoing systematic collaboration with families, community members, business and community leaders, and other stakeholders to improve the educational system and expand opportunities for student learning.

I have always believed this and was outgoing in my outreach and collaboration with families but it was primarily guided by the school culture. Now my outreach is more robust and ongoing, I am talk more active about building a community with families and community. I independently visit my students homes when the invitation is granted- my students often express their desire for me to visit their home. I keep an open door classroom for parents so they feel welcomed and respected as their child's first and primary educator. Outside of the classroom I meet with parents and community stakeholders about what the type of education they seek for our children. I often feel re-energized from the community support and appreciate of my role as an Educator. For me this Domain is the most important because my teaching philosophy is progressive and rooted in social justice. 

With the knowledge of this domain I was able to connect in-person and over the phone with parents as well as other educators of color about the behavior management system. The drawings demonstrated my ability to lead myself and others in self examination of how the behavior management system in charter schools can often be oppressive thereby decreasing student learning.  During my studies, I sought to understand my student’s culture and language, many of whom are Mexican and Central American. Working at a predominately Latinx school, I gained a tremendous amount of information that helped me advocate for my students and parents to create a more inclusive environment and ensure that our curriculum dedicates content to Latinx writers and culture. The more emphasis I placed their identities the more engaged and happy my students and families were to be apart of our learning community.


1. Richard Beaver Gallery​

2. Workshop PPT: Secret Ingredient to Latino Success Presentation

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