Domain V: Promoting the Use of Assessments & Data for School/District Improvement

A Teacher leader is knowledgeable about current research on classroom- and school based data and the design and selection of appropriate formative and summative assessment methods. The teacher leader shares this knowledge and collaborates with colleagues to use assessment and other data to make informed decisions that improve learning for all students and to inform school and district improvement strategies.

In this program I actively examined discipline disparities that are contributing to the school to prison pipeline. While district policies and the pro choice charter school movement mission is to close the achievement gap. My research have found that the polices in place by district officials in the form of zero tolerance and no nonsense nurturer perpetuates the "opportunity gap" that results that is tokened as the achievement gap. My mastery in this domain has allowed me to research and develop less punitive system to assess and collect data of marginalized students. 

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