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Domain IV: Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning

There is overlap between domain III & IV; I like domain III and IV because when we promote professional learning and continuous improvement it is always most likely directed towards improving student learning. In order for teachers to meet the needs of students of color they must prioritize their cultural competency and exposure to diverse approaches and curriculum that are culturally responsive. My passion and push as a Teacher Leader grounded in social justice and cultural responsiveness has empowered me to utilize my research and to share expertise in these areas.

The following artifacts provide more in depth resources that focus on instructional strategies and language around diversity and equity. All of which has improvements my connection to students and my mission as a teacher which my colleagues share but do not invest in the learning of the community which could never lead to success. When we understand and uplift the voices of our audience we are better able to serve them.The following links housed lessons and talks about the issues and topics mentioned above for improve my awareness and help others improve their learning about racial identity and disparities. It also provides lessons, discussion prompts and videos that were child appropriate and was a light lift for teachers who wanted to support students but did not have the knowledge base or time to do more than was outlined in the curriculum.

Artifact Links:

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