Domain II Accessing and Using Research to Improve Practice and Student Learning

A teacher leader understands how research creates new knowledge, informs policies and practices and improves teaching and learning. The teacher leader models and facilitates the use of systematic inquiry as a critical component of teachers’ ongoing learning and development.

This is one of the most powerful Domains that helped me track my practice outside of test scores and behavioral problems. In fact, I found my voice as a Teacher Leader and Parent with this domain as my backbone. Sometimes as a teacher and parent something you are doing may not feel right for your students, its something you feel in your gut. As a teacher leader I listened to that voice and explored my inquiries to improve my practice and student learning.


Now I can't get enough of research, I see my role as an educator is to be a leader in research. I trust that I have the best insights because I am in the classroom. Furthermore, having my own research to support my practice strengthens my advocacy skills. This year has been my most successful year as a teacher because of my ownership of data informed by research.

Please see link below to see my Leadership in Action: